Posted by: vickim57 | 19 August 2009

Demonstrate in Warrington on Friday 21 August, Vestas sponsors Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club

From the Merseyside solidarity group…

A demonstration has been arranged for Friday 21st August in Warrington, meet 7pm Warrington Rugby Club, Outside Martin Dawes Stand End, about 100 yards up the road from Warrington Central Railway Station.

Vestas are a major sponsor of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club, who play Wakefield Wildcats that night.



Tel: 07787 128498

Text of a leaflet that will be given out at the game:

Why Warrington Wolves should kick Vestas into touch

Vestas are a major sponsor of Warrington Wolves, yet they see no wrong in sacking 600 workers on their factory in the Isle of Wight. These workers were forced to occupy their factory in a desperate bid to try save their jobs, while having the water cut off, being fed on peanut butter & fish paste sandwiches, and, appallingly, served redundancy notices in pizza boxes.

Do Warrington Wolves supporters want a discredited company who treat people as a commodity as a sponsor? I think not.

Vestas see no wrong in closing this profitable factory and have recently received over £6M from the public purse, this is a disgrace.

On Wednesday 18th August Vestas announced their 2nd quarter profits of £40M, yet are REFUSING to pay the 11 workers who occupied their workplace their redundancy, or class them as redundant, this means they can not claim any benefits, yet this greedy company who is quite happy to take money from the taxpayer sees no wrong. This is simply appalling.

We call on all Warrington Wolves supporters to shout “VESTAS OUT” during tonight’s game against Wakefield Wildcats. Your club needs a new sponsor.

Wind turbines are a profitable industry and good for the environment, yet VESTAS close factories.

We call on the players, members of the GMB Trade Union, to tell the club they want a new sponsor.


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