Posted by: vickim57 | 15 August 2009

Keep up the fight on the Isle of Wight! Events + Workers’ Climate Action news

1. Keep up the fight on the Isle of Wight!

Support always needed. Come camp, meet Vestas workers, friends and activists. Picket, blockade, leaflet, cook, make furniture, plan and take actions; organize a workshop. Play your part to reclaim and reopen Vestas for the workers, and for people and planet. Just head down, or use the Doodle to help us plan food, co-ordinate and maybe subsidise transport, put you in touch with other activists who are going down and who are there already. Drop an e-mail to with your mobile number and e-mail to make coordination easier. Or call Bex 07971719797. z


2. Isle of Wight @ Climate Camp. 4pm, the roundabout marquee, Sunday 16th Aug

The South Coast neighbourhood of Climate Camp and the Workers’ Climate Action network are meeting with Vestas workers and local people to discuss plans for the upcoming Climate Camp in London. An action support trainer for Climate Camp from the Isle of Wight will be putting on direct-action training on the island soon geared to the needs of the local campaign.


3. London Vestas Solidarity Group meeting

7:30pm – 9:30pm, Wednesday, August 19, The Lucas Arms, 245 Gray’s Inn Road, Kings X, London

As the national campaign to save the Vestas wind turbine factories grows, we’d like to get people together to coordinate actions to support the Vestas workers in struggle on the Isle of Wight. As activists, we can all offer skills, advice, material support and solidarity to the Vestas workers – so let’s get together and work out what we can do.

This will be an open meeting with an open agenda, so come along and contribute what you can to the struggle at Vestas – all are welcome. We will be joined by a representative of the elected Vestas workers’ committee. We’ll be leafletting at King’s cross station from 6pm before the meeting if anyone wants to come early to help build the campaign.  


 4. Solidarity with Vestas workers Public Meeting
Thursday 20th August @ the Bread and roses pub (64 Clapham Manor Street) 7:30 pm

Nearest over ground; Clapham High street, underground; Clapham North/Clapham Common


Speakers From:
Workers’ Climate Action
Campaign Against Climate Change


5. Camp for Climate Action 2009 26 Aug – 2 Sept, London

Details of WCA workshops and plans on WCA blog soon.


6. Vestas workers day of action, 9 September

The Vestas workers in the RMT have called another, larger, national day of action on Wednesday, 9 September. They have asked for leafletting, postering, rallies, marches and direct action on the day. They also want workplace action. That could be a school opening the day teaching about green jobs and climate change, or workers hanging a banner from the window. Or everyone in one workplace or several together could turn off their computers or down tools for fifteen minutes, half an hour or longer. More information and suggestions will follow. Please start thinking, talking and organising.



  1. […] with the Vestas workers spread even further. New support groups are being set up even now. The next national day of action on 9 September, held at a time when labour movement is reviving after the summer holidays, can be bigger than the […]

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