Posted by: vickim57 | 14 August 2009

Report from Brighton and next activities

On the Vestas Workers National Day of Action, we held two events in Brighton. The first was an afternoon leafleting/collecting session in Churchill Square, which was attended by 9 people and a big banner. We had a very positive response from the public with around 400 leaflets given out and £36 in donations taken in. These donations included money raised by a PCS member (who we didn’t know) in his office and brought to us while we were leafleting.

The evening street meeting, again in Churchill Square, was attended by approximately 25 people and a big banner. Some members of the group spoke through the megaphone to the crowds travelling home from work and shopping etc. Again, we had a very good response, giving out over 800 leaflets and bringing donations up to near £100 (total not known yet).

Our support here in Brighton comes from people who have links with the island, other workers, green activists and the general public, who more and more seem to know about the dispute.

Looking forward to the next Day of Action on the 9th of September…….


Brighton activities

Brighton support group for Vesta Workers next planning meeting (open to all) will be held in the Prince Albert pub, 48 Trafalgar Street, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th August


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