Posted by: vickim57 | 14 August 2009

Andrew Turner, IoW MP, goes missing from his own back yard

After spending 11 days on the roof of the Vestas, East Cowes plant, the Vestas rooftoppers went this afternoon to talk to the Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner about his opposition to wind turbines on the Isle of Wight. The MP did not show up to defend his stance and his office was closed. A stunning display of political courage and commitment to his constituents, particularly those Vestas workers whose jobs he is supposed to have wanted to save.

See the short video of the campaigners’ visit from VentnorBlog.

And further comment from disappointed Vestas workers who also went, announced, to talk to their MP.

In a statement, Turner attempted to justify his stance on wind turbines and today’s unavailability:

“The loss of jobs at Vestas is a huge blow to the Island’s economy as well as to individual employees. Decisions about the siting of wind turbines are, however, a matter for local people to decide through their elected representatives on the Council.

“I have always been perfectly candid with Islanders about my personal views. I support the principle of generating power from renewable resources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. However, there are only 35 areas in England that are of such outstanding natural beauty that they are afforded special legal protection (AONB status). I do not believe that they are the right places for industrial development of any kind.

“The rooftop protestors are not from the Island, and announced in a press release they were coming to my office. I had a long standing engagement this afternoon and did not think it would be right to leave my staff to deal with this situation alone, so I decided to close my constituency office and they have taken work home with them. Island residents know that I am perfectly happy to discuss this matter, or any other, with my constituents.”



  1. Typical response from our esteemed member of parliament !!

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