Posted by: vickim57 | 13 August 2009

Report of Vestas workers support group launch, Liverpool

Vestas workers support group set up in Liverpool

The North West region of the RMT, along with local trades councils and environment campaigners, set up a support group for Vestas workers last night.

The worker from Vestas, Anthony Kennedy blamed the government for not intervening and nationalising the plant. Saying that if they were serious about renewable energy then they would save the plant and the jobs.

He said the blockade of the plant is very important and, because of the positioning of the public path and the times of high tide, possible to maintain. He also said that they are campaigning to ensure that the 11 occupiers who have been dismissed without redundancy or benefits are treated the same as the other workers. In Denmark those facing redundancy are getting a year’s pay because they are unionised and have better agreements. On the Isle of Wight some workers will only get £400.

He also said how they were amazed at the support they have received and how such a small group of them have inspired others. He hoped that their occupation shows that if they can do it on the Isle of Wight workers can take action anywhere.

Andy Warnock Smith spoke from the RMT saying that the workers joined them because of the active support they gave and also because they were a union which fought to defend its members’ jobs. He said they had organised 80 industrial action ballots so far this year and hoped to reach 100 by end of the year. The RMT is also committed to green transport policies and so has natural allies in the environment movement. He committed the region to providing its resources to help organise the support group and said the Vestas workers were an inspiration to others.

There were many suggestions made at the meeting on what to do next which included:
1. Building support for the Vesta workers by getting messages of support and donations from trade unions in the North West.
2. To write to MPs expressing our support for the demand of nationalisation.
3. To organise a protest at Vesta HQ next Tues when its half year profits are announced.
4. Organise protest at next Warrington rugby league home game a week on Friday. (Vestas are their main sponsor – flags at ground/ name on shirts).
5. The RMT should look into possible action by the other workers it organises on the island including ferries and buses.
6. To produce a leaflet which can be distributed at other factories threatened with closure.
The contact for the group is

Elaine, Wirral TUC

Notice of action next Tuesday:

Circular from Merseyside solidarity group pasted below – let’s make Tues a north-west turnout!

From: North West North Wales RC (

Brothers & Sisters,

Following last night’s successful meeting which included speakers from RMT, MATUC and Anthony Kennedy a sacked Vestas Worker, it was mentioned that Vestas announce their half yearly profits at 7.30am on Tuesday 18th August, so it would be good to protest. Details below:

Vestas HQ Birchwood are: 302 Bridgewater Place, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6XG.
Tel: 01925 857 100
Fax: 01925 859 921
Protest from 730am onwards

It’s right next to the motorway with car parking nearby, and only 10 min walk from Birchwood Railway Station.

At last night’s meeting £130 was raised, this will be sent directly to help the sacked workers.

Other ideas include demonstrating at Warrington Wolves forthcoming home game, details to follow.

Daren Ireland
Tel: 07787 128 498


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