Posted by: vickim57 | 13 August 2009

Protest in Stroud, Gloucester, Weds 12 August

Hey, all I could muster was a few peeps – but they included local Labour MP David Drew (backbench and rebellious, also a Cooperative Party member), and Green Party councillor Phillip Booth, the other people are me (Peter Pannier) in the TShirt I got printed on the industrial estate Vestas are on… Matt Goldman, who works at Ecotricity, and Adam Keating, who was happy to join in when he heard about the campaign.  I’d been handing out leaflets since 1pm, and the response was really positive, and I got through the best part of 200…

Peter Pannier aka James Beecher

Demonstration in solidarity with Vestas workers, Stroud, Gloucestershire, August 12th 2009

Demonstration in solidarity with Vestas workers, Stroud, Gloucestershire, August 12th 2009

The government found millions for the car industry and the banks – now it’s time for them to invest just a fraction of that in saving this factory, the 600 jobs, and our hopes of developing viable low-carbon energy.

Cllr Philip Booth



  1. PeterPannier Yay!

  2. One of the reasons for the low demand for turbines is all the NIMBYs who can put up with the ugly pylons that supply their electricity, but not a more attractive windmill that generates it. We need a government that will get serious about what needs to be done to head off the worst case climate change scenario. It wont be this one.

  3. Nor any government, for that matter, while MPs are continued to be allowed to have financial interests beyond their Parliamentary positions. As we have seen from the banking crisis, it would require a government willing to commit political suicide in order to take action that’s in the best interests of the nation, and unfortunately all we have had (during my lifetime) have been people with limited, short-term goals that serve only their own interests.

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