Posted by: vickim57 | 13 August 2009

Newcastle report, 12/8/2009

Workers Climate Action and Campaign Against Climate Change activists held a stall with leaflets about the dispute and petitions at Newcastle Haymarket today. We gave out 500 leaflets and spoke to lots of workers finishing work. WCA proposed a planning meeting next week Wednesday 19 August at 5pm (venue to be confirmed contact Ed 07740 099479) to look at organising further actions and a local Vestas Solidarity group.

Ed, North East Workers Climate Action (and Workers Liberty)



  1. The protest and sit-in has a three tire aganda originally I guess.
    1. Get Vestas to reconsider their position and keep the factory open.
    2. In the event of 1. not happening, nationalise the plant and keep it going.
    3. In the event of neither 1 nor 2 happening, fight for increases to the redundancy packages.

    Well 1. didn’t happen. The factory is closed. The staff are redundant.

    2. isn’t happening either as the government doesn’t propose to do anything further to save the plant eg nationalising it.

    3. There appear to be no plans to make the workers redundancy packages better than what they are.

    But the fight must go on. We cannot give in and settle for nothing. A few moral victories will be small comfort to the workers when they pick up their job seekers allowance each fortnight.

    We need the government to damn well do what they tell us they will do.

    Remember Ministers, it’s the people who put you there. You are our elected representatives, there to serve our country and its needs.

    There to spend the hard earned tax payers money in the most appropriate and beneficial way possible.

    We didn’t ask you to save the greedy, incompetent banks but you bailed them out and nationalised where you deemed necessary, anyway.

    We didn’t ask you to pour billions into propping up the motor industry, one of the great polluters, but you did anyway.

    We didn’t ask you to fritter money away in senseless expense claims, but you did it anyway.

    We ARE however, asking you to save the Vestas plant and at least nationalise it long enough to save it then bring in outside companies to take it over to fulfill the orders that will have to be there for wind turbines if we are to get anywhere near your promised generation of renewable energy and jobs claims.

    for goodness sake listen to reason.
    For goodness sake listen to the people who put you there.
    For goodness sake do what you have been telling us you intend to do!


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