Posted by: vickim57 | 12 August 2009

Protest at SEEDA offices, Guildford – nationalise Vestas!

Contact details:

07905 352 751 (Pat)


A group of activists from the Workers’ Climate Action campaign are staging a protest at the offices of the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), to demand the nationalisation the Vestas wind turbine factories on the Isle of Wight .

Carrying placards and banners saying “Vestas out, workers in!” and “Sack the bosses, not the workers”, the protestors are demanding to speak with a SEEDA representative.

SEEDA, which owns the site of one of the Vestas factories and recently handed over £6 million in public money to the company, aims to “identify the actual and potential barriers and action required to enable further progress” in sustainable development in the region.

Vestas, which refuses to continue production in the UK or to hand over the factories to the government, is a barrier to sustainable development. Workers’ Climate Action is demanding that the plants are taken into public ownership and run in the interests of people not profit – providing jobs and sustainable technologies – under the democratic control of their workforce.

Today’s protest is part of the national day of action in solidarity with the Vestas workers; protests are taking place in dozens of cities around the country calling for nationalisation of the Vestas factories.

Workers’ Climate Action

Contact details:
07905 352 751 (Pat)

Notes for editors:

The Vestas factories, the only ones in the UK producing wind turbine blades, were due to close at the end of last month, causing more than 600 redundancies as the company sought to move production to the United States.

The government claims to have offered Vestas subsidy to continue production in the UK , which Vestas refused. At present, the government refuses to take any further action to save the factory.

Workers’ Climate Action builds links between activists in the workers’ and environmental movement to fight for a sustainable society based on socially useful production. See



  1. In fact the original plan was to temporarily occupy the SEEDA offices’ reception area. Unfortunately, however, the plan misfired and only one activist got in. He ‘occupied’ for about an hour, causing quite a bit of fuss while the protest took place outside. The result was that lots of SEEDA workers came downstairs to see what was going on, and took a leaflet, and a few people who seemed to be top SEEDA officials too.

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