Posted by: vickim57 | 12 August 2009

In the inbox today (national day of solidarity, Weds 12 Aug) – messages of support

Guys & St Thomas’ branch committee have asked me to write to you, we offer solidarity and support in your struggle to keep your jobs, and to keep the wind turbine factory open. We realise that your fight for your jobs is also a fight to prevent further climate change, we hope you are successful, and are donating £200 to your fund.
Anita Downs, branch secretary, Guys & St Thomas’ UNISON branch

To all at Save Vestas. I can’t be there to support you but keep up the pressure. You never know what might result and we desperately need these jobs on the Island. Good luck,
Barney, Catalyst Internet Consultancy, Freshwater

Sorry to hear about your plight on the island.
 The Dockyard closed in Chatham in 1984 (Where we are sited) causing major job losses from which the area has never recovered.  We now have 3rd generation unemployed in the Medway Towns.
It takes years to recover from situations like yours and I sincerely hope something will be done about it – if not by the government then by some far seeing entrepreneur.
 Thinking of you

Solidarity from the UNITE reps at Fujitsu Manchester.  Photo attached from our reps’ meeting today.
Ian Allinson, senior rep, UNITE Fujitsu Manchester

Unite Fujitsu Manchester supports Vestas workers

Unite Fujitsu Manchester supports Vestas workers


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