Posted by: vickim57 | 10 August 2009

National day of solidarity on Weds 12 August – can we make it international?

Students at Wollongong University in New South Wales, Australia have discussed Vestas in their student union and got a donation of $100. More than that, they could be joining in the national day of solidarity with Vestas workers:

Resistance and the Wollongong University Enviro collective are actually running a week of talks, film screenings and speakouts on enviro issues this week, so all of the local activists will be on campus for things on Wednesday afternoon. I’ll see if I can’t talk people into knocking together a sign and getting together for a photo. And I’ll also try and knock together a leaflet or get someone to do it. It’s our pleasure to show support and keep the fight going! 🙂


If you have any international contacts, please sound them out about joining in on Wednesday 12 August to make it an international day of solidarity with Vestas workers. It would be particularly useful to have demonstrations where Vestas has offices. Vestas provide a very useful map to help you do that: Find Vestas!



  1. I’ll email comrades in Husum on the North Sea coast and see what they can do at the Vesta site there at short notice!

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