Posted by: vickim57 | 9 August 2009

Ron Clark on Vestas: “they need to keep picketing, and you all need to keep going down there”

Nicked this snippet from a report in Socialist Worker about the speaker meeting in London on Friday night. Meetings are good but there has to be something on the ground to have meetings about. The next few days are going to be crucial in determining whether the picket at the Vestas plant can be established longterm, with a view to preventing Vestas from taking out the blades that are still left in the plant and vital equipment. The picket is the strongest weapon in the workers’ arsenal.

All the meetings around the country and so on should not be conducted in the spirit of a circus to make the audience feel good about the world, they should be used as a tool for mobilising people to go to the Isle of Wight and support the picket or for raising funds to make that possible, through subsidising transport and the living costs of supporters on the Island. If the meetings aren’t doing that, they are distracting from what can really help the workers to win.

If you don’t believe us, listen to…

Ron Clark, from the Visteon occupation, agreed that the strength of solidarity with occupations has been incredible. “You get a bit shocked,” he said. “We had so much support from all over. You think, there’s only a few of us and we’ve caused all this.”

He spoke about how the experience at Visteon shows that the Vestas fight is now in a critical stage. “When you leave the occupation, morale can drop. They need to keep picketing, and you all need to keep going down there.

“They can win—if anything they’ve got a better hand of cards than we had. That plant should be nationalised.”

(Emphasis added.) So… please visit the travel board for advice and leave a comment if you can offer transport. Or write to the email address We can’t guarantee to match you up with someone, but there’s a chance. See you on the Island!

Ron Clark speaking from the balcony at Visteon, Enfield in April

Ron Clark speaking from the balcony at Visteon, Enfield in April



  1. It’s from Brazil, my english is very poor…

    Fight for your jobs!

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