Posted by: vickim57 | 9 August 2009

Message of support from the Island (IoW) Turbine Action Group (ITAG)

I’m writing on behalf of the Island Turbine Action Group, a group set up at the start of the year to support wind turbine proposals on the Isle of Wight. The IOW Council have consistantly rejected wind turbine applications here with no thought of the consequences, and as a result, we are in this crisis.

ITAG is wholeheartedly in support of this cause and we will do everything we can to support you. It is a travesty that our government, who promised us green jobs and renewable energy, are stopping at the first hurdle in keeping these promises. If the Government can buy up land to build motorways, new runways and factories, and hand billions of pounds on a plate to the banks, then there is no reason why it cannot do the same for Vestas.

You have the full support of 1700 ITAG members. Good luck – you have achieved so much already.

See you at the next rally,

Kerri Trickey, founder, Island Turbine Action Group



  1. My sympathies lie with all those who have lost their jobs and others that have been affected indirectly by the closure of the Vestas factory. In fact, all the people in the UK are affected by this event. But it is not Vestas that we should be taking aim at. It is the UK govt. that pays so much lip service to the “low carbon economy”, green jobs, climate change etc. yet spectacularly fails to convert words to deeds. In addition, the nimbyists (includind those on the Isle of Wight who were responsible for stopping an offshore windfarm there from going ahead) all over the UK must accept responsibility for the closure of this factory. This factory represented everything that was positive about “a carbon neutral economy”, it offered work opportunities (especially at this time of recession), potentially huge exports and advances in technology for a sustainable greener future. I do not blame Vestas for what happened. If I was a shareholder of Vestas, I would have done exactly the same. Look at planning permission for the “London Array” in the Thames estuary, another example of wasted opportunity (and there are many more examples countrwide). Its time that we all grasped the nettle and became a lot more progessive and pragmatic. No, wind farms are not a “cure all”, but the UK is blessed with wind. Use it or lose it. Even if we only manage to generate 10-15% of our power requirements from wind, it will be of huge benefit to all of us.

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