Posted by: vickim57 | 8 August 2009

Workers’ Climate Action on yesterday’s visit to Joan Ruddock

Picket of Joan Ruddock's constituency surgery, Friday 7 August

Picket of Joan Ruddock's constituency surgery, Friday 7 August

Contact Details:
07905 352751 (Patrick)


The climate change minister, Joan Ruddock, yesterday refused to take any further action to prevent the closure of the Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight, where workers are staging a picket and regular protests to protect their jobs.

Ruddock informed activists and constituents at a surgery in her constituency on Friday (August 7th) that the government had met with Vestas workers along with the RMT union and the TUC the day before, but said that Vestas had refused financial incentives to carry on production in the UK. Ruddock said that Vestas ‘wanted to move their own factory for commercial reasons.’

When pushed on the issue, Ruddock admitted that the government had not looked into the option of nationalisation, and refused to consider the option, despite claiming that ‘We do agree on the general point of keeping manufacturing jobs in the UK.’

Ruddock attempted to justify the government’s position, saying ‘The government does not want to be producers of wind turbines.’

Workers’ Climate Action

Contact Details:
07905352751 (Patrick)

Notes for Editors:

– For more information on the campaign to prevent the closure of the Vestas plant on the Isle of Wight, see
– Vestas workers have called a national day of action for Wednesday August 12th, which will involve protests in a number of cities, including Warrington, where Vestas has its UK offices, the constituency of Ed Miliband (Minister for Energy and Climate Change) in Doncaster, and the Department for Energy and Climate Change in Whitehall.
– Vestas made a profit of £350 million last year, but is moving much of its production to the United States, where profit margins are potentially higher.
– Protesting workers ended their two-week sit in at the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight on Friday August 7th. The picket of the factory will continue indefinitely.



  1. Interesting Joan Ruddock defends the governments lack of pursuing nationalisation of the factory by stating that the government doesn’t wish to become producers of wind turbines….
    Too busy playing at being bankers and propping up the motor industry no doubt!!

    The government is missing a golden opportunity here.
    If they would nationalise the plant in the short term to keep it going, then introduce other companies as a consortium, perhaps an energy company, another wind turbine producer and maybe a Richard Branson style businessman.
    Then once underway successfully, the government could back away and take credit for saving the plant, and then facilitate it’s success by acting as they tell us they will by ensuring sufficient turbine installations around the country actually happen so that the factory can be swamped with orders and continue for many years to come, providing well paid employment for the residents of the Isla of Wight….

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