Posted by: vickim57 | 7 August 2009

Anyone in south London this afternoon, come and grill Joan Ruddock

We are picketing Joan Ruddock this afternoon, she is the Minister for Climate Change who spoke with the unions and representatives of Vestas workers yesterday. She said then that she HOPED that the workers who had occupied the factory would not be penalised by Vestas, and would get redundancy pay. She PROMISED that the government would not ‘abandon the island’.

Picket details:

This afternoon, Friday 7 August
3pm, Sayes Court Club House, 341 Evelyn Street, Deptford SE8 5QT
(5 mins walk from Deptford overground station, trains from London Bridge every 10-20 mins, journey time about 5 mins)

What does she mean by these warm words? What pressure does she intend putting on Vestas to unsack the Vestas occupiers? How is the government going to compensate for the green jobs that are lost if Vestas closes (or mothballs) the plant? Why can’t they pull their finger out to save jobs and the planet, why are they leaving everything to the market and the private companies whose bottom line is not the good of people and the environment but always… their bottom line?

Things have got to change, and, if nothing else, the force that can start to change things has begun to be built at Vestas and in the campaign around it over the last few weeks. A labour movement that’s thinking more about what sort of jobs we need, and an environmental movement that understands that a green transition has to include the only people who can make it happen, workers.

Rant over. Come and join us this afternoon if you’re free!



  1. Not nice to lose jobs but wind turbines are a complete joke, the sooner they are all extinct the better. They save nothing, power still has to be produced, they are unsightly, noisy and a threat to wildlife. Companies coin it in from govt grants and care not less whose landscape they install the monstrous blots on as long as it isn’t their own.

  2. So, are we to take it then that if the electrical supply to your premises was to come from power generated by a wind turbine, you would gladly return to the dark ages and use candles for light and bonfires for cooking?
    Would you not miss your plasma/lcd tv, your washing machine, your hairdryer, your many trappings of modern living? Obviously not!
    Wind turbines are not ugly (you think electrical pylons are prettier?), nor are they noisey and wildlife learns to avoid them.
    Provided the turbines are made close to the sites of installation (eg within the same country) the carbon footprint is tiny.
    At the end of the day we all need to get real and accept that the biggest blot on the landscape will be caused by climate change, not by a few wind turbines.
    It may not be in our lifetime and if not then we owe it to our children, our grandchildren and their children etc and stop taking the i’m all right Jack, i’ll be long gone by the time climate change makes it difficult to live as we are now.
    Mankind has ruined this planet in about a hundred years. Ruined what it has taken nature billions of years to produce. Now mankind has to take responsibility and start doing the right thing and putting things right.
    Interesting too that the majority of the so called NIMBYS all seem to be in their twilight years and not long for this planet!

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