Posted by: vickim57 | 6 August 2009

Message of support for the Vestas workers from Island residents

To the Vestas workers,

We live on the Island and have been supporting the occupation. No matter what happens next I know a lot of good will come out of recent events. Already I and my wife feel that our lives have changed for the better. Seeing the ridiculousness of this situation has made me question the capitalist system as a whole, a system that is blindly leading us to disaster. I know there are many alternatives that are already in operation like cooperative organisations and I believe that these will become more popular as more and more people see the lunacy of the capitalist system. I also believe it is no good relying on governments to make our decisions for us as if we were helpless victims. If we are to feel happy and fulfilled we must be prepared to take responsibility for our own lives. We have been inspired by your example in this peaceful demonstration which has reflected the views of so many. We wish you every success in your lives and send a message of love to you and your families. We will be supporting any further action that arises from this occupation.

Glenn and Michelle Koppany


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