Posted by: VM | 5 August 2009

The message from the workers is ultimately: it’s all good, it’s still fun; let’s carry on

Or, as The Guardian puts it in its latest article, Vestas sit-in six call on country to show support (Rachel Williams),
Like Big Brother housemates, the occupiers have gone to some lengths to keep themselves amused. Michael Godley revealed that he and another worker who has come out had written a musical about the occupation using alternative words to well-known songs including Michael Jackson’s Beat It and Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. The men have acted it out and filmed it, ready to screen when they have all left the building.

“Godley called on people around the country and on the Isle of Wight to show their support to the men left inside. It is thought the company will not act quickly to remove them. “We need more islanders to get involved, especially the other workers,” Godley said. “There’s 600 of them who have already got two weeks’ extra pay and more redundancy money because of what we’ve done. We need them to get on board.”” […]


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