Posted by: vickim57 | 5 August 2009

Manchester support group set up

Following a successful rally a week ago, Manchester Trades Council called a meeting to set up a solidarity committee and to organise activities in Greater Manchester to support the Vestas workers. About 40 people attended and we agreed on a number of activities.

This Saturday (August 8th) we will be gathering at 1pm in Market Street, Manchester to run a stall where we will collect money and signatures on a petition to support Vestas. At 3pm we will march from Market Street to Piccadilly Gardens where we will hold a rally.

Other activities planned include delegations to workplaces (hopefully with a Vestas worker), a social to raise money and the lobbying of MPs surgeries.

We decided that in the event that the Vestas workers occupying the plant are evicted, we will gather to protest on the same day at 5pm in Piccadilly Gardens and organise a protest at 8am the following day at Vestas HQ in Warrington.

In solidarity,

Bruce Robinson, Workers’ Liberty, Manchester

MORE DETAILS: tel: Hugh 07769 611320


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