Posted by: notsomuchatreehugger | 5 August 2009

A call from the AWL to all socialists, trade unionists, and environmental activists

This is the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty call out to all socialists, trade unionists, and environmental activists dated 4th August 2009. Listen up and take action:

“The picket outside the occupied Vestas wind turbine blade factory in Newport, Isle of Wight, now needs to be turned into a mass picket.

“That is how we should respond to the “possession order” granted to Vestas bosses in court today, Tuesday 4 August.

“With sufficient numbers on the factory entrances, it can become unfeasible for bailiffs to get into the factory and evict the occupiers. There are three entrances to the site. The front has been blocked off already by the police erecting fences. Another, the “marine gate”, now has activists’ tents pitched outside it, and is accessible on land only by a cycle track which is a public right of way.

“The police are stepping up their presence at the back entrance. But it took no violence – only persistent peaceful protest by sufficient numbers – to push the police into erecting fences at the front entrance.

“At the very least, a mass mobilisation can make it much more difficult for the bailiffs to evict the occupiers.

“It can also make it unfeasible for Vestas bosses to remove the unfinished blades and the equipment they want to get from the site.

Come to the Isle of Wight! This is a test case for the whole socialist, trade union, and environmental movement.

“Activities and protests of all sorts – strikes, if possible – should also be mobilised around the country for the national day of solidarity called for by the occupiers on Wednesday 12 August.”



  1. keep up the struggle fight against unemployment
    fight against capitalism
    for the new age of socialism

  2. To those inside the office occupation and to those outside the gates who called for the protest to remain peaceful: we would wish this too but experience has taught us that the police and bailiffs will not behave accordingly.

    The police and security guards that many on Tuesday saw as ‘workers in uniform’, are a barrier to the expansion and continuation of this occupation.

    We welcome AWL’s call for wider and co-ordinated participation from social and ecological groups to stop the threat of eviction. We hope that increased dialogue based on practical support and not upon ideological difference may open up a space for the foundation of a genuine support group. One that is open to all workers (inside and out), relatives, friends and activists, to create a movement on the Island which settles for nothing less than a victory at Vestas.

    In solidarity with all occupiers on the Island and against all bailiffs everywhere,

    Some people from London

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