Posted by: vickim57 | 3 August 2009

Windmills and Pizzas: Protest at Environment Agency Headquarters in Bristol


On Tuesday 4th August, protesters will decend on the Bristol Headquarters of the Environment Agency in Aztec West carrying windmills and pizzas. The action is in support of Vestas workers who have occupied the St Cross wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight for the last two weeks because of plans to close the site with the immediate loss of 600 jobs. The workers are asking that the government – who have pledged £100bn towards renewable energy – nationalise the factory to save it from shutting. On the 4th August the Vestas company are going to court to evict the workers.

Following a meeting in Bristol with a Vestas worker last Friday, a collective of local trade unionists, anarchists, greens, socialists and other concerned individuals agreed to focus action on the Environment Agency in Bristol, the organisation which advises the Government on climate change. The windmills will represent the need for clean energy and green jobs and the pizzas represent the bullying tactics of the Vestas company who tried to starve the workers out of the factory and then sent in pizzas containing their eviction notices.

One of the demonstration organisers stated: ‘We want to draw attention to the consistent failure of the Government to face up to their responsibilities in relation to fighting climate change and maintaining jobs. We will be letting them know they cannot carry on with their nonsensical policies. This campaign is inspiring all kinds of people from all around the world so we expect there will be a substantial number of people there, with a very strong message, delivered in very creative ways’.

The demonstration will take place outside the Environment Agency from 8am to 2pm on 4th August. Address: Rio House, Waterside Drive, Aztec West. Please send a photographer as this will be a colourful and active demonstration.

For more information contact:
Jerry Hicks: tel 07817 827912
Jo Benefield:
Karen Bell: /tel 07796 933347



  1. Good luck in Court, and all that, it’s a very worthy fight.
    I can’t imagine why you’re protesting at Environment Agency HQ, when we have nothing to do with the alt power industry – we only do positive stuff, like push industry, businesses and public sector to reduce their emissions by Emissions Trading scheme and Carbon Reduction Commitment. I believe your battle is BERR, DEFRA and DECC, if not Central Governmnent. Many of us at the EA do come from both protest and TU backgrounds, I am proud to have brought Direct Action to the environmental movement in the late 80s, but at least we targetted the right sites.
    Still, all publicity is good publicity, so enjoy yourselves and hope it stirs up the right solution!

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