Posted by: vickim57 | 3 August 2009

Calling Bristol protest organisers… the Government seeks clarification

We’ve had an urgent message from the press officer at the Environment Agency, wondering why we would demonstrate outside their office in Bristol tomorrow, Tuesday 4 August, 8am-2pm, a protest organised to raise awareness about the Vestas campaign, the need for the government to deliver on its promise to expand renewable energy, and take a lead in changing the public’s mind on this issue, and in solidarity with the Vestas occupiers, who are back in court tomorrow.

Can one of the protest organisers contact her urgently and have a chat?

I am hoping that the organiser of tomorrow’s rally outside the Environment Agency’s head office in Bristol, and our head of climate change, Malcolm Fergusson, can have a chat today about the Environment Agency’s position on renewable energy, and our role.

My number is below if you want to call in,



Laura Gottelier | Press Officer – Environment and Business desk
Environment Agency | National Press Office, 25th floor, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London SW1P 4XL
tel: 020 7863 8797 | mob: 07771 387707 | fax: 020 7863 8621 | email:



  1. Given that it is the ‘Press Officer’ making contact with you, it smacks, yet again, of a government seeking to make itself appear like it is doing something about climate change, rather than actually doing something.

    “Press Officer – Environment and Business desk”
    Environment and Business? Really? So does she have Vestas’s interests or the environment’s interests at heart here? A protest outside a government agency supposed to solving climate change won’t be good for business, evidently. Meanwhile, the Vestas share price continues to drop: so keep up the good work.

    The organisers of the protest shouldn’t feel compelling to ‘drop in for a chat’.

  2. I spoke to Laura just now. She was very supportive as I am sure the Environment Agency is in general. We are not demonstrating to criticise the EA in particular because the Vestas issue and climate change in general needs action at the highest levels of government. We are protesting to make our voices heard and to hopefully prevent the courts getting involved in what is an industrial dispute with mass public support on the side of the workers.

  3. Why on earth are you giving the Environment Agency a hard time? If you wanted to do something that was actually worthwhile, then why not target one of the many NIMBY local authorities who’ve rejected wind farm planning applications because they don’t like the look of them?

    This is the kind of ill-thought-out action that gives protestors a bad name. I’ve met many people who work for the EA and each and every one of them has been committed to doing what’s best for the environment.

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