Posted by: vickim57 | 3 August 2009

Lobby your MP: support Early Day Motion 1925

Plesae lobby your MP (find them here) and ask her or him to sign “Early Day Motion” 1925, put down by John McDonnell MP in support of the Vestas workers.

“That this House expresses its concern that, at the very time when the Government is launching its drive for developing renewable energy sources in the UK, the Vestas company, specialising in renewable energy plant, is shedding 600 jobs and is closing; and calls on the Government to intervene as a matter of urgency to ensure the future of the Vestas operation and the protection of jobs.”

If the MP is Labour, contact local Labour Party activists and Labour-affiliated unions, and urge them to take the same stand as the Isle of Wight Labour Party, back the Vestas workers, and put pressure on their MP.

Some MPs can certainly be added to the current signatures, since more than are listed here have already sent messages of support to

Signatures so far:

McDonnell, John
Jones, Lynne
Hoyle, Lindsay
Corbyn, Jeremy
Illsley, Eric
Caton, Martin
Robinson, Iris
Simpson, Alan
Dean, Janet
Dismore, Andrew
Drew, David
Gerrard, Neil
Hancock, Mike



  1. Where is Andrew Turner (IOW MP)’s name on this list? Has he done anything? Even if he doesn’t give a rat’s ____ about the planet, surely he cares about jobs for his constituents?

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