Posted by: VM | 3 August 2009

latest from London Glued-On Red/Green/Black blockade

The seven protestors who glued themselves to Ed Miliband’s London offices early this morning have been arrested under Section 69 by the Met Police. They have been taken to Belgravia station to be charged for aggravated trespass, and are to be released on bail later today.

The glued-on blockade were initially told they wouldn’t be arrested, were forcibly unglued without the aid of warm soapy water by a paramedic, who told them “it’s your own fault if it hurts” despite the fact that she wasn’t equipped to un-stick them. This occurred, and all seven were taken away, just after half past ten.

The action has been aired on Isle of Wight radio news, reported by the Isle of Wight Country Press, has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, and has received attention from all main London news hubs. For the time being here is the IndyMedia report:
Interestingly, the Dept for Energy and Climate Change building apparently used to house the earliest Scotland Yard HQs, we learned today; so the Met Police were operating on familiar territory…




  1. Slogans used on the protest:

    What do we want?
    How do we want it?
    Under workers’ control

    Reinstate the occupiers, reinstate them now

    We are here to fight
    You can’t ignore the Isle of Wight

    No ifs, no buts, no green job cuts

    Oi, oi, Dave and and Ed
    What would your dad have said?

    I’ve got glue on my hand
    At least I’m not Ed Miliband

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