Posted by: vickim57 | 3 August 2009

Good luck in court tomorrow from…

La Diablada Bolivian dancers at the Carnaval del Pueblo (People's Carnival), London, 2009, supporting the Vestas workers

La Diablada Bolivian dancers at the Carnaval del Pueblo (People's Carnival), London, 2009, supporting the Vestas workers

– Good luck Vestas workers with your solidarity struggle. Good luck tomorrow. We support you. We are thinking of you. Best wishes, some Bolivian dancers (and one English).

– On behalf of the successfuly occupied factories of my country (Argentina) receive all our support and solidarity. Please RESIST, it works! Rossana Vanni

– I came over for the court case last Wednesday and was impressed with the show of solidarity and the resolve being shown by the Vestas workers. Can’t make it over this week so just wanted to wish you all the best with the campaign. Unity is strength! Mark Hoskins

– Good luck tomorrow. You are an inspiration to everyone who rejects the idiocy of the market economy. The idea that the only factory in this country making wind turbines should close is just ridiculous. Keep up the fight!! Richard Bradbury, Exeter SWP

– As former members of the Miners’ Support Group in Bonn, Germany, we’ve waited a long time for a really inspiring struggle for jobs against the brutal logic of capital. We’re now seeing factory occupations taking place in other parts of Europe, and your fight is a part of a growing movement. Let’s spread the news! So we say, all power to you! Put the wind up those who pledge billions to bankers and let working people pay for the crisis! Lothar, Mike, Steve, Michael, Andreas

– Our union branch discussed your struggle last week and all agreed to offer our full support for your courageous stand. Here’s hoping that you win again in court tomorrow morning! Charlie Hore, Secretary UNISON Voluntary Organisations branch

Save Vestas
– Good Luck tomorrow with the Court case you have got support here from We will be posting updates and covering the event tomorrow on-line and on twitter and keeping the Vestas protest map up to date. Eco T

– Bravo to you. Many people are behind you and I am one of them. Good luck tomorrow. Arthur Smith (low grade comic)

…and everyone involved in the Save Vestas campaign – save Vestas, save jobs, save the planet!



  1. Good luck in court tomorrow.
    Even at the other side of the country this is an inspiration to us. Unfortunately we haven’t had a union branch meeting with it being the summer, but it is what most trade unionists are talking about.


    Ed, Newcastle Workers Liberty and Workers Climate Action, and Unison Shop Steward

  2. Now according to Vesta Curry:

    Climate activists have occupied the roof of the Vestas turbine factory at Venture Quays, East Cowes, Isle Of Wight, in solidarity with workers occupying a factory in Newport. The protestors have hung a banner above the Ferry Port saying: “Vestas Workers – Solidarity in Occupation. Save Green Jobs,” and…

  3. To the occupiers and to all Vestas workers: keep up the fight!

    Your struggle to save your jobs and support the combat against climate change is inspirational.


    Even if the court decision goes against you, remember that we don’t make these laws – justice for our class and the planet is the only law that matters!

    Max Munday
    Unite the Union Shop Steward
    Workers Climate Action and Alliance for Workers Liberty

  4. Hi, Good luck in your fight for jobs. I have been following your struggle from Australia. Solidarity greetings from public service unionists in New South Wales.

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