Posted by: vickim57 | 2 August 2009

UPDATE: Saturday and this week

On Saturday 1 August, about 200 demonstrators marched in the rain from Newport town centre to the occupied Vestas wind turbine blade factory on the St Cross industrial estate. As they rallied outside the factory entrance after the march, the police and Vestas security guards, for the first time, allowed Vestas workers to take food in to the occupiers.

Sunday is a family funday outside the plant for families and supporters of the occupying workers.

In another boost to the campaign, the TUC is expected to release a statement on Monday 3 August supporting the workers’ demand for nationalisation of the factory.

Vestas bosses will reportedly try to get all the workers to agree to do their third one-to-one meeting with management about the redundancies on Tuesday 4 August. The bosses have, however, recognised the workers’ right to have a union rep with them at the meeting, so workers will reasonably be refusing to be rushed.

On Tuesday 4 August, also, the company will try for a second time to get a possession order at Newport County Court, Quay Street, Newport, IoW. Rally outside from 9.30am. Try to get there this Tuesday if you can – it’s an important day for the campaign. Travel advice on the ‘Travel board’ page – click tab, top right hand side.




  1. Invest in Our Wind (IOW Co. Ltd.)

    Not able to get accurate info via media,
    there is a world shortage of wind turbines and with the new FIT’s regulation the UK will not be able to get enough turbines at low power (up to 1MW) to satisfy demand. Quite apart from the UK off shore market which desparately needs UK industry not some other country. This is a golden opportunity to get rid of outside control. Projects out there give these guys a chance.

    what about vestas signing company over to employees for a peppercorn rent. UK government allowing workers to collect dole and benefits for 18 months while they earn their way out of this crisis. The company could offer a share release under an IPS so that all of the IOW could share in this companies green and prosperous future.

    This is possible and what are the politicians doing. Nero fiddled? Don’t be another LDV.

    Len Marlow Renewable energy consultant

  2. Do what the Argentinian workers did and take possession of the factory and operate it as a cooperative. If the government doesn’t like it, let then pay off the so-called owners.

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