Posted by: vickim57 | 2 August 2009

Support for Vestas occupation from Thomas Cook occupation

Received this evening:

This is a message of solidarity from the Thomas Cook workers in Dublin who are occupying their shop after the company’s announcement to close them down. 77 young men and women have locked themselves in for the third day and have resisted a court order and nasty bailiff visits.

We are with you!! We will be giving you a ring this evening on loudspeaker when we have our end of day meeting!

Keep it up! We will win!



  1. The Police raided the premises this morning and arrested all those inside.
    I emailed Thomas Cook this morning asking them to remove my details from their database as I would not be using them in the future.
    I ask you all to cut/paste and do the same………

    I am thoroughly disgusted at your company’s action against the Thomas Cook employee’s in the Grafton St premises this morning.
    Remove my details from your database under the terms of The Data Protection Act 1998 and do not contact me in future as I shall not be using your company for any future travel to Greece.

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