Posted by: vickim57 | 2 August 2009

A message of support from Glasgow

'Victory to Vesta workers - pedal power - wind power - workers power'

'Victory to Vesta workers - pedal power - wind power - workers power'

Hi There

This morning i came off the night shift and went for a bike ride from Glasgow over Eaglesham moor. The Moor hosts the huge Whitelee wind farm. I heard about your occupation before i went on shift last night & will raise solidarity with my workmates & through my union Unite.

I would love to march with you this weekend but I’m at work & its not like you are just down the road. I also used to work in a job that produced energy – the coal industry. I’m sure you are familiar with what happened to us – we fought like tigers for the right to work but sadly were betrayed by the TUC and the labour party leadership. However if i had to do it all again i would – better to die on yer feet than live on your knees is what i say.

Today i hear some environmentalists say that it was a good thing the Tories closed down the industry. I agree very much coal has had its day & we need to look at renewable energy & other ways of sustaining the people and the planet.

However the destruction of mining communities was nothing to do with improving the environment. It was all to do with seeking revenge on a union that defeated the Tory’s twice & taming the trade union movement. I now live in Glasgow and when i go back to South Yorks i do not recognise the area i grew up & worked in – drugs & alcohol abuse, crime, crap jobs & unemployment are all rampant. This is what happens when you take away the dignity that good jobs & services provide.

The defeat of our union led to a prolonged downturn in workers struggles and it is only recently i feel we are recovering. I very much hope your struggle produces the same result as the recent victory we saw in the construction industry up in Lincolnshire.

I feel your struggle is important for the future of the movement & the planet. If victorious it will increase the confidence of millions of others who are also being made to pay for the recession.

Good luck & all the best.

Ian from Glasgow

PS i hope you like my picture – i should have took a wee placard with me but it was the spur of the moment thing. I have titled it ‘Victory to Vesta workers – pedal power – wind power – workers power’.


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