Posted by: vickim57 | 1 August 2009

The petitions…

If you are joining us for the first time this morning, please sign the petitions:
1. 10 Downing Street, SaveVestas
2. FoE and Unite, petition Mandelson

The 10 Downing Street petition is 70th out of 5,060 petitions – climbing steadily, but the steps are steeper when you get this ‘near’ the top of the list – please promote these petitions wherever you can. Thank you.



  1. To be saved by this government you need to be greedy fat corrupt bankers. They dont give a shit about you or anyone that cant afford to bribe them.

    You wont be getting your jobs back Im afraid, the government just doesnt give a flying fuck about us small people. All their care about is featering their own stinking nest and bailing their mates out.

    U take care of yourselves and good luck for the future.


  2. Terry you are right about the government not giving a toss about people like us who cannot bribe them and refuse to bribe them. But you are wrong when you say that workers cannot get their jobs back. The workers have drawn their battle line, and the government has to defend itself. We are in our millions and they are in their hundreds! Their fat corrupt bankers cannot save them – money, greed and lies never save anyone in battle!

    Vestas is not only about jobs. It is about the environment, protecting the world we live in against climate change. This battle is not for Vestas workers, it is for the workers of the world. We all live in one planet and some of us will protect it with our lives!

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