Posted by: vickim57 | 1 August 2009

Bristol: Meeting Report and Local Action, Tues 4th August


Vestas Workers have occupied the St Cross wind turbine factory in Newport, Isle of Wight because of ‘…the consistent failure of Vestas and the Government to face up to their responsibilities in the necessary challenge of fighting climate change and maintaining jobs’ (Workers Statement).

Vestas planned to close the site at the end of July with the immediate loss of 600 jobs, and take the work to the US and China. The Vesta workers are asking that the government – who have pledged £100bn towards renewable energy – nationalise the factory to save it from shutting. The company are going to court to evict the workers on 4th August.

At a meeting held today with a Vestas worker, a collective of trade unionists, anarchists, greens, socialists, you name it…discussed the need for urgent action and decided to call the following Action/Demonstration focussing on the Environment Agency Head Office in Bristol. This is the agency that advises the Government on Climate Change.

Bring banners, people and windmills of all kinds and any creative ideas of how to get the message across! Please come for as long as you can – this campaign is inspiring people around the world and it is crucial that we succeed in order to set an example for other workers who are losing their jobs and to let Governments know they cannot carry on with their non-sensical policies. Save Vestas, Save jobs, Save the planet!

Tuesday 4th August, 8am to 2pm.
Address: Environment Agency, Rio House, Waterside Drive, Aztec West Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4UD

Buses to Aztec West
Bus 215 – Bristol (Redcliffe Street) to Aztec West – Via Bristol-Gloucester Road-Filton-Patchway
Bus 483 – Chipping Sodbury to Cribbs Causeway Via Yate-Frampton Cotterell-Winterbourne-Bradley Stoke .
Bus – X11 Bristol to Magor Via Filton-Aztec West-Aust-Chepstow-Caldicot
Bus – X11 Chepstow to Bristol Via Aust-Aztec West-Filton

Jer and Jo



  1. […] had an urgent message from the press officer at the Environment Agency, wondering why we would demonstrate outside their office in Bristol tomorrow, Tuesday 4 August, 8am-2pm,  in order to raise awareness about the Vestas campaign, the need for the government to deliver on […]

  2. Yes, I also wonder why the Environment Agency are being targetted. They have nothing to do with Wind. There is nothing worse than a protest without a clear logic for why its present. This only weakens the validity of our cause. So I would reconsider targeting the EA, who are, in my mind, doing a lot to push the government on climate change

  3. The EA could issue a statement declaring support for the occupiers. That would do a bit to push the government.

    If anyone is reading this last minute check out indymedia for transport details :

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