Posted by: vickim57 | 31 July 2009

Occupationitis: now Thomas Cook, Dublin have come down with it

At 10am management from Thomas Cook arrived at shops in Dublin to enforce closure. TSSA members refused and are now occupying the shops.

The context to this dispute is a company that seeks to consolidate and increase profits through the closure of more than 100 shops. The closures in Dublin fly in the face of these shops making more than £400 million profit during 2008.

TSSA members need support:

1. Hand write a message and run it through the fax: fax number: 00 35316 771258 and 00 35318 783965
2. Send emails to and
3. Join the Facebook group
4. Sign the online petition


  1. […] Well done to the workers fighting back…. Occupationitis!! […]

  2. Well done on occupying!Together we are stronger.stick to your guns and dont give in!

  3. […] occupation hasn’t lasted, though, which is another reminder of why it’s so crucial to support the other occupation to start this weekend, of two Thomas Cook branches in Dublin.  It’s […]

  4. […] entdinglichung am 4. August 2009 Das seit Freitag von von der Entlassung bedrohten Beschäftigten besetzte Reisebüro des Tourismuskonzerns Thomas Cook in Dublin ist heute morgen von den Freunden und […]

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