Posted by: vickim57 | 31 July 2009

Message from Ian Terry: come to the IoW on Tuesday!

Ian Terry, one of the occupiers, is asking as many people as possible to go to the IoW to support them at the court hearing on Tuesday 4 August.

hello to everyone who has been supporting us My name is ian i am an occupant of vestas blades We need your help We have the support of the RMT, FBU, POA, PCS. These forces and the wider solidarity from workers is what the government fears above all else. We need your support on tues outside the court in newport. As this is not an realistic request for some people who are miles away i ask you to email your union leaders and get a couple of ambassadors of your union down. To show the unity we have felt from the start This is the key to telling the government we are not alone pls email me personally with any ideas or info on the court site but we need to be out in force standing shoulder to shoulder Let’s give our planet a fair chance.

ian terry —
thanks for all your support it has kept us all focused

Please see the new ‘travel board’ page for transport advice. We are asking anyone who can offer a lift to anyone to leave their details in a comment. If we get any minibus, coach advice we will post it up there.



  1. Newport Court tells me that the hearing will be at about 10am on Tuesday 4th.

    • Thanks, Andy. If anyone gets any update on that please let us know. We are booking some transport from London and will work on that time for now. Vicki

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