Posted by: VM | 30 July 2009

Vestas workers provided with much needed supplies

At about 2pm this afternoon, a group of activists and friends of the Vestas workers in occupation outsmarted police and private security to sneak food, tobacco, and oher much needed supplies into the occupation.

A group of brightly costumed people, creating a diversion at one end of the factory, drew security towards them with seemingly random trespassing antics, opening up space for brave food carriers to attach a bag of supplies to a rope under the balcony of the factory, which was then hoisted up to the occupation.

All concerned were jubilant at the sucess of the action.



  1. Best of luck lads – from the Church of the Militant Elvis.

    ..or as the King would say, in his response to the global energy crisis “save oli, shag locally, ah-huh-huh”


    Lord Biro

  2. Brilliant news
    Power to the people
    Green power to the world
    Lads we are all thinking of you
    There in spirit


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