Posted by: vickim57 | 30 July 2009

Vestas protest, Friday morning, the 4th plinth, Trafalgar Square

A supporter writes:

My mum’s on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square tomorrow morning from 05:00.
She’s taking some Save Vestas banners and leaflets.
If anyone can get down to take a photo and give out leaflets, apparently the early morning sessions get quite a crowd.

It’s early, but can anyone get down there? If you can and you take some pictures, email them to and we can post them on the blog.

And the supportive Isle of Wight Island Pulse is interested in the story as well!

UPDATE: Pictures and more coverage of Gerry’s protest, all by Tim Dalinian Jones:
“Save Vestas” 4th Plinth Protest – Pix-&-Vidz
Action Report at IndyMedia UK – “Save Vestas” 4th Plinth Protest, London – Pix-&-Vidz

And the ‘official’ One & Other video:


  1. Being as how I’m an Indymedia photographer, with a bike, living 2.7 KM from Trafalgar Square (or so says my handlebar sat-nav), and a massive Vestas Occupation fanboy, that would be me then. I’ll set several early alarms, wrap up warm, and post to Indymedia London & UK plus savevestas@googlemailcom. Blessings be on that supporter’s Mum!

    Victory to the Vestas Occupation,

    Tim Dalinian Jones

  2. […] are in for a season of civil disobedience. The Save Vestas campaign has gone national.Kingsnorth rumbles on, as does the Heathrow protest – which is likely […]

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