Posted by: vickim57 | 30 July 2009

EMAIL CAMPAIGN: the food situation is no joke – Vestas, stop starving our boys!

This report from the Guardian and Luke Paxton’s interview on BBC present a grim picture of the food situation for the workers occupying the plant. Congratulations to those who got some food in today, but we also need to put maximum pressure on the company to stop… starving our boys!

Tell Vestas: feed them properly!

Email/tel Vestas with a simple message: feed the Vestas occupiers properly or keep receiving these emails/telephone calls. There are Vestas offices all over the world (see here); starting close to home, here are the details for Warrington, Vestas’ UK HQ:
Tel: 01925 857100

I have just sent an email to these addresses – please join me:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And if you are anywhere near Warrington tomorrow, Friday, at midday please join this protest: Vestas HQ, 302 Bridgewater Place, Warrington WA3 6XG, protest, 12 noon. Pick up a pizza on the way there…




  1. I just emailed all those addresses as well, nice tactic, lets keep emailing!

  2. well done Vicki i’ve just done it and will post to some local lists

    • I hope those emails get through, Ed. I haven’t had an undelivered message – jokes about pizzas spring to mind. I think we should use the pizza motif a lot – delivering pizzas to Vestas offices around the world, something like that. Must go to bed!


  3. If American workers can provide the same or better labor at a lower cost, why would you deprive us of our jobs? Socializing your plant, in effect, unfairly subsidizing the plant with others taxes would unfairly compete against our workers, who are equally entitled to work for a fair wage.

    Just compete with us fairly. If you can do better than us, fine. That makes us both stronger, if you can’t, then find a different line of work.

    • Brighton Colorado, that’s the point isn’t it, the only way the working class can compete is in a race to the bottom – we’ll do it cheaper! Workers in countries like the US and UK are finding that there is always someone who’ll do it cheaper – how low do you want to go?

      We have to stand together – workers in all countries – to keep up the price of labour. Divided, we will all be on subsistence – like those poor guys in the plant right now!

      Support the Employee Free Choice Act which would give US workers a chance to organise.

      Best wishes,

  4. Helen Jones is the MP for this area; her address is
    Gilbert Wakefield House 67; Bewsey St.
    WA2 7JQ
    Phone – 01925 232480

  5. bye the way; Helen Jones is Government Chief Whip according to the Parliamentary Sketch writer Roth – Intelligent, battle hardened, left wing (?) solicitor, (not another solicitor )built into the labour party machine.

  6. Guys

    Why has someone not made a request to the Red Cross for them to have access to the workers in order for medical and nutritional needs to be assessed? I cannot see them being refused entry. If this “Starving” tactic was tried anywhere else in the world, there would be demands for RC intervention.

  7. I have just emailed the above list. Hope you all stay strong. Might be useful to check out visteon/ford occupation in Belfast on net, they had a similiar situation court action etc.

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