Posted by: vickim57 | 30 July 2009

From the inbox…

Below is a selection from the email messages sent to today (Thursday 30th) or yesterday (Wednesday 29th). A lot of messages come in each day – we save the contact details and post some of them on the ‘solidarity pages’. All of these messages are available for the workers inside the plant to read.</

GREAT NEWS that the bosses’ attempt to evict workers backfired! My partner & I are public sector workers – myself in education & she in housing – we send our best wishes. We are coming to the IoW on Friday & will be joining the demo on Sat & Tues. The struggle continues! THE WORKERS UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED! love, Tim & Deni

YOU WILL feel more alive in these fraught days – the meaning of solidarity – the friendships forged and the life lessons learned will be with you always. Stay strong. Fran Griffiths

SOLIDARITY AND Greetings from Huddersfield Socialist Party:
We continue to follow your struggle for jobs. This evening we lobbied and spoke to Kirklees Council (West Yorkshire) to support the occupation and for nationalisation. Unfortunately the resolution on the order paper from the Greens and Save NHS councillor was ruled out of order. However, the leader of the council pledged to raise the matter with Ed Milliband (!!) and the cabinet member who replied to our lobby demanded nationalisation. Your struggle inspires us all.

AS GREEN representative of the PCS North Wales Area Inland Revenue Group Branch I am writing to offer you support from this branch in your protest against closure of the Vesta Wind Turbine Factory. Our branch includes offices throughout North Wales and the arrival of the wind turbines in rural Wales has become a common sight. Renewable energy is essential for modern society and the closure of the turbine factory goes against everything the government is trying to achieve in the promotion of it’s global policies.
Janet Price, PCS Green Representative, North Wales Area IR Group Branch

AS AN ex sr technics worker in dublin, i know exactly what way you are being treated, stick together !
paul b., dublin, ireland

WELL DONE for taking a stand against the government’s continuing assault on workers and indeed the planet. As a member of one of the university occupations this winter, I know that direct action of this sort is effective (and indeed necessary) in achieving change – keep it up, and I wish you the very best of luck!
James Humphries

MY NAME is Nick O’Brien. I am a member of the SWP/ NUT and chair of the Norwich LGBT Pride Collective. It was our great pleasure to welcome Tracey to Norwich yesterday. She spoke brilliantly at our Trades Council and is coming back with £270.

THIS IS sent from the IoM where we are campaigning for a wind farm here as the island is totally reliant on fossil fuel for our power needs. Once again all good wishes to you and the best of luck. Phil


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