Posted by: vickim57 | 29 July 2009

Save Vestas message to the Vestas occupiers – good luck in court today – we are with you all the way

A message from Save Vestas blog to the Vestas occupiers in court today (Wednesday 29 July)



  1. Whilst this situation is upsetting for anyone who works for Vista, it’s not particularly surprising.

    Most large companies don’t show any loyalty to their staff these days.

  2. just to wish you all good luck today….we will be sending out the positive vibes for you!!!!!
    We would be there to support you but health reasons arew holding us back.

  3. United we stand,
    Divided we fall,
    Come on people, get off the floor,
    Let’s work together !!

    Come on Vestas, pull your fingers out and settle !!

    Cut a deal.

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