Posted by: vickim57 | 29 July 2009

“Possession order” case adjourned to 4 August – BUILD THE SOLIDARITY!

At the hearing in Newport, IoW, on 29 July, the judge refused to grant Vestas a “possession order” for the occupied factory, and adjourned the case to 4 August.

Details here in the Isle of Wight County Press report.
BBC report here.
Audio and video coverage on the excellent VentnorBlog.

We live to fight another day – next Tuesday, to be precise. More days to build the solidarity! Send messages to, sign the petitions on the 10 Downing Street site and the FoE site, visit the plant, organise a protest in your town, follow Miliband!



  1. I fail to understand why there is no government support for this factory.At a time when Ed Milliband is pushing for green industry to deliver radical reductions in greenhouse emissions, and wants to encourage much more windpower, why not support this industry until demand picks up. Soon demand will outstrip supply, and we will end up paying far more in the long run. Phrases like ‘joined up thinking’ spring to mind.

  2. In Brighton,we managed to send a few people today to show solidarity outside the courts.Now we’ve got an extra 6 days to prepare to send more! Lets show our thanks to the judge by making the next protest even bigger!

  3. Congratulations on the adjournment. You are doing us all proud. In solidarity.

  4. Keep it up boys, It’s madness that an industry being bought into by the UK government is being pushed abroad. You’re doing this not just for your jobs, but for everyones jobs and for common sense.

  5. Why is anyone surprised by the governments attitude, it may pretend to be interested in carbon reduction/human damage to the environment but it will not spend any money, provide resources or alter its position until the Palace of Westminster is under water,unless a significant proportion of the electorate wake up to the global crisis that is already upon us. It is a complete nonsense that this factory is closing as alternative energy sources are the only way forward for sustainability of the human environment

  6. Yet again, another grotesque example of how what I call “crapitalism” [i.e. capital/profits for the super-rich, and crap for all the rest of us] is primarily invested in SABOTAGING environmental protection and human rights.

    What masquerades as “government” is only a bunch of opportunistic eejits who are always pimping the public and sucking up the contents of the public’s purse.

    As long as working people are only voting for personalities in “government” rather than running their own places of work and their own societies, the crapitalists will continue to play their selfish and destructive games. As long as we let them.

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