Posted by: notsomuchatreehugger | 28 July 2009

on Monbiot and Miliband

George Monbiot said in his wrap-up of our meeting in Oxford that he was struck by the way Dave (and all of us there for Vestas) were cheered to the rafters. He was more impressed with Ed Miliband than I was, but in the end, he concluded, the man is right about the need for the public to mobilise. And to mobilise not only in pressuring our government, but in evaporating NIMBYism. And yes,
“there really is a silent majority in favour of onshore wind, but we’ve failed to mobilise in its defence.”

Yet this is not, as Miliband tried to claim in that meeting, the best thing he can do for “people like Dave” (the worker who spoke next to Mark Lynas, Ian Leggett, Dr MA Khalid, and Oliver Tickell). The best thing he can do for “people like Dave” – not to mention people like anyone else – is to save his job; and to acquire the guts required to keep our only wind power work force in business. Is it going to be Mitsubishi and Siemens on the never-never, and a billion pounds or “further research” to a company displaying appalling corporate social responsibility,
… or is it going to be PEOPLE, Mr Miliband?

n.b. Monbiot amusingly recounts how Miliband’s ridiculous PR manager, who snatched our “ED MILIBAND, CLIMATE VILLAIN?” placard off us at the train station earlier that day, tried to get the the Put People First banners removed from the public meeting. “I don’t like them” she said. Oh, well, in that case …



  1. Received by Ryde Trades Council Today


    Green Party
    for the South East of England

    Cllr David Pugh
    Leader, Isle of Wight Council
    County Hall
    High Street
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1UD

    Dear Cllr Pugh

    Re: Sustainable Communities Act 2007
    Submissions to the Local Government Association – deadline 31st July 2009

    I am writing to request that you consider the following proposal as part of your submission to the Local Government Association under the Sustainable Communities Act.

    • That the workers of the wind turbine company Vestas are permitted to form a Workers’ Cooperative, and are supported in doing so by the government;

    • That financial support (at the very least unemployment benefit) is paid to the workers of Vestas until such time as the proposed Workers’ Cooperative is financially viable.

    In support of this proposal, it is important to stress that retaining this facility will promote the very green industries we need if we are to tackle climate change, contribute towards protecting the future of manufacturing in the UK, and also protect local jobs.

    Yours sincerely,

    Caroline Lucas – Green Party MEP for South East England.

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