Posted by: VM | 28 July 2009

NEWSFLASH – Workers Sacked

Vestas have sacked 11 workers that they can identify as being in the occupation. Their dismissal letters were delivered with their evening pizza as part of their food supply.
For more, visit BBC website.
Also, report in the Isle of Wight County Press
Report in the Guardian.
The story was even reported in Spain.



  1. Well what a surprise. If the workers keep the occupation and picket going we’ll keep up the pressure and support.

    The workers united will never be defeated.

  2. Disgusting money grabbing company!! can’t trust the owners and bosses to do the right thing!!

    in solidarity


  3. A Vicious and vindictive move showing that the management are not fit to do their job.

    Nationalise Vestas now, under worker’s control and management.

  4. Now is the time to really step-up support for these workers! Send in your messages of support and donations to the Save Vestas campaign; see the right-hand tab for details on how to do this.

    This is despicable treatment by a company against workers who are merely trying to save their jobs. They are engaging in peaceful process and aren’t even interrupting work at the factory which was easing off production anyway!

  5. Get a job you idiots – you should have gone to university! It’s not your property so piss off!

  6. Nationalise Vestas? Lol. Good luck on nationalising foreign property.

  7. I support you in your democratic, courageous effort, not only to save jobs and the well-being of you and your loved ones who might be dependent on you, but to highlight the rank hypocrisy of government and its cosy relationship to bosses of companies. Profit over human dignity must be challenged. If Vesta is not part of the solution then it is part of the problem.

  8. Diabolical !
    This ia yet another example of this so called ‘green energy company’ practicing intimidation to staff who are trying valiantly to save their jobs and save the planet as well.

    I am so disgusted with Vestas behaviour – they show a complete lack of respect – I strongly feel that Vestas have no respect for themselves anymore.!

    This is a global company with no industrial relations !

    To the workers in the plant – ! Keep up the good fight to save your jobs and the planet. Though we cannot be in there with you – we are all there for you !

    In unity

  9. I couldn’t agree more with the other posts. The people doing the right (and bravest) thing get punished and the bosses carry on counting their money.

    Don’t worry this is too big an issue for them to get away with victimising the workers.

    We will carry on building support. Keep it up the fight for all of us, especially the kids.

  10. The decision to close the factory is nonsensical and the sacking is vindictive. I’m appalled.

    In solidarity!

    PS made a donation (sorry it isn’t more).

  11. Vestas is a business, which at the end of the day is there to make a product and profit. Ethical and moral values are, at the best of times, only secondary to their primary objective.

    How can Vestas carry on running their factory if there isn’t a market for their wind turbines locally? What would be the point? People argue about keeping jobs local ALL THE TIME. So if wind farms are closer to Scotland or Scandinavia, it makes sense financially, resourcewise, logistically and environmentally to have the factories closer there!

    Also, should all companies carry on operating regardless of whether they can sell their product or not, just to please all their employees? Morally, making so many people redundant is tough, but no one has the RIGHT to work.

    And how come no one is saying positive things about the R&D centre to be built on the IoW, whose aims are to produce even better wind turbines and offset redundancies?

  12. Sacked?!!!

    How can you sack someone who is already redundant? It shows that the semantics are wrong. If you dismiss someone for gross misconduct then for example, then you have to define why there is a mis-conduct. Where is the misconduct of someone who has been unjustly stopped from employment as Vestas workers have? Theirs is not the mis-conduct, it is the company’s misconduct, in which case the management and the company should be sacked for their misdemeanours and there are many company misdemeanours. An occupation of the means of production in effect is the sacking, or dismissing of the company.
    So what is the mischief of the Vestas monopoly in all of this. The mischievous act lies in the fact that because the workers are already dismissed by the company in the first place then you can’t dismiss someone twice from the same employment. So the mischief is to try and utilise the law to remove the right of severence pay. This is the right of the Master to punish the slave. The slave that recognises that the Master should not have the right to punish the slave turns it upon its head. The right to severence is supposed to be guaranteed by law and if the dismissal in the first place is redundancy and there cannot be dismissal twice then logic says that severence must be paid otherwise the law is an ass and there is no guarantee under law that there is a right to severence. Does this mean then that any monopoly can remove the right of severence at the drop of a hat?

    • Well said RTUC !

  13. This is very simple. If someone’s buying your product then your company won’t close your plant.

    We can all blame our governments (and not Vestas) that there is no investments in windpower.

    Workers in Denmark – the homecountry of Vestas – are hurting more than you.

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