Posted by: VM | 28 July 2009

Let’s have more wind turbines!

At Kirkbridge Middle School in 7K class we had a debate about wind turbines on the Island. It was a long debate but the outcome was that more people wanted wind turbines than didn’t want them because they save energy for the future and save 600 jobs.

Written by Ben South, Marcus Davey, Harley Tosde, Max Holliman, Hannah Lewis and Naomi Taylor (all 12 years old), Newport, Isle of Wight.



  1. Too. Late. Now.

    I’m sorry, but I was employed at the Newport factory when it first opened, and we were lobbying for turbines on the island then. The “nimby” attitude and failure to see sense has led to the Island losing its chance to be a renewables center and instead it is more of a joke – “we don’t mind the jobs, but I can’t stand the bloody things” I recall one worker telling me.

    Now is not the time to start saying “the Island wants wind”. That time was 10 years ago. You can thank everyone who argued against them for that.

    This factory closure is sad, but it has been planned for years – Vestas have always said that the long term plans for the factory end when the tax breaks and government breaks end – that was this summer by my calculation. No coincidence there.

  2. Ben South, Marcus Davey, Harley Tosde, Max Holliman, Hannah Lewis and Naomi Taylor – it is not too late! Well done for having the discussion and presenting your research.

    You know what a mess *we* have all made of it – hopefully we are at lest going to make it easier for you guys to put the world to rights in a few years time.

    It might be too late to save the Vestas factory – but nobody expected Kirkbridge Middle School or anyone other than the government to actually save the factory and the jobs. If it wasn’t for the kooky planning laws – we would have a lot more turbines and a lot more turbine factories in the UK.

    Maybe you could send your research and thoughts to your local MP though? And get your parents to do the same – your MP might be able to do something on your behalf to get some wind energy on the island.

    Keep up the good work!

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