Posted by: VM | 28 July 2009

Bombard Ed Miliband – In person!

Ed Miliband will be in his Doncaster constituency tomorrow, this is a great chance for anyone in the area to ask him in person why he refuses to save jobs and wind energy on the Isle of Wight.


Doncaster Labour Party
N Bridge Road
Doncaster, DN5

01302 342 507
3pm, TOMORROW – Wednesday, July 29th

Contact Louise on 07746 759773 for more details.



  1. It seems like the Government is paying Vestas 6m to pay redundancy. Why give a company money for a research facility only to have them build the units in a different country and sell them back to us at a usually inflated price. A special price just for the UK. Get some bollocks Milliband and tell them to bugger off and give the money to a UK firm to develope turbines in this country for this country. We have the engineering expertise give your own people the money to create and develope our own energy resources.

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