Posted by: vickim57 | 27 July 2009

Vestas workers should think about standing as worker politicians

Many are talking about the ineptness of New Labour, epitomised by its spokesman on climate, Ed Miliband. Not only have the Labour Government shown to be dissonant, with their mixed messages on climate change, but also exposed by their rhetoric. This is definitely a consequence of the actions of the Vestas workers.

Listening to these bright young speakers who have indeed shown their personalities and their eloquence in recent speeches and interviews, they have also shown their ability to become political and argue deftly with these so called experts. The solutions espoused by these contemporaries are embarrassing to the political “experts” and put them in the shadows. It is not only New Labour who fail but also the rest of the cartel parties who sing off the same song sheet. Not one of the mainstream parties speaks for the workers or the island or indeed the country but are all shown only to be sympathetic to big business.

It is not unreasonable to appreciate the potential. It is not without credence to consider these young workers as future independent worker politicians. There are many examples where campaigners for hospitals or schools have stood in their constituencies for what they believe in. It is for this reason that Vestas workers should consider standing in the up and coming General Election, selected by their peers and voted for by Isle of Wight citizens. People are looking for an alternative to the parties of the status quo. These young people are developing many ideas and putting forward many solutions in favour of ordinary people as far ranged as the environmental integrity of the planet.

These workers have engaged in the act of finding out about things by engaging in a very practical struggle, which is bearing a complexity of fruit. What they are discovering in all of this is that the most important factor in all this is the human factor. Vestas is just a name, a name of a company that acquired a space with some means of production inside of it; the real value in the production of wind turbines has been the skills of the workforce and their social productivity. It is the consciousness of the human factor and the consciousness of what could be achieved that has a growing confidence about itself. It is the confidence that expresses itself in the belief that it is not only that production of wind turbines can continue, but it probably will continue in a different way than what it was before and in such a way that the workers previously known as Vestas workers will have more freedom in the decision making process to become free workers who are the motive force to recommence production.

Vestas have been shown up for being authoritarian and dismissive of its workforce. The Government and the powers that be have also tried to be as dismissive of the actions that have taken place. This state of affairs has been challenged by the workers and has inspired and led others in similar positions. The workers have taken a step towards liberating themselves and upholding their dignity and the dignity of labour – this must go further.

Ryde Trades Council 27/7/09



  1. So they should. Whilst I am a Green Party member, and believe the party to be at the forefront of social justice and environmental issues, I for one would welcome Vestas workers to stand as independents within the Isle of White constituency.

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