Posted by: notsomuchatreehugger | 26 July 2009

the other side of the struggle….

… is making sure we erect a lot of wind farms. This post aims to acknowledge very briefly the sheer volume of pro-wind power thought and sentiment pouring in. A number of supporters nationwide are writing in actually ordering blades! And cooperatives for taking energy production into communities’ own hands are being trumpeted by New Zealanders, societies for the indigenous peoples of Latin America, UNISON reps and singles in Somerset. The people at Age of Stupid got in touch about a positive initiative happening in Italy whereby a group of associates putting money together build their own solar, wind, or hydroelectric power plant.
In addition, we’ve been alerted to the e-petition
“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to encourage a windfarm on Portsdown Hill with blades from Newport IOW”
which badly needs signatories.
“The answer is blowing in the wind” and all that. More wind to our sails. We’ll blow them off their feet. All right, that’s enough. Goodnight.



  1. While you’re there, don’t forget to sign – our petition is currently 145th out of 4,977 on the site. This is not bad for four days ‘work’, but still only 760-odd signatures. We are not in the big league yet. Please plug the petition on your own websites, blogs, etc. I think it adds to the pressure… Thanks. Vicki

  2. The mainstream media are pimping the fact its now 3 years ’til the London (& Weymouth) 2012 “Greenest Games Ever”. Still just the one token greenwash windmill planned for Temple Mills however.

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