Posted by: vickim57 | 26 July 2009

Miliband in Oxford tomorrow – reception committee sought urgently

Monday 27th July: Public Meeting with Climate Minister Ed Miliband (Oxford)

7.30-9pm, Oxford Town Hall

Ed Miliband (Energy and Climate Change Minister) is coming to Oxford to discuss his newly unveiled plans for a low carbon Britain.

Other speakers will include:
Mark Lynas, author of ‘Six Degrees’
Oliver Tickell, author of ‘Kyoto2’
Ian Leggett, Director of People & Planet
Dr MA Khalid, Earthwatch

This is a unique chance to challenge the Government Climate Minister ahead of the Copenhagen talks in December. [I’ll say!]

Organised by Oxford FoE

Apparently, he will be at the train station from 1.30-3pm as well advising people on how to reduce their carbon footprints.



  1. A good reception for Ed has been in the pipeline for some time, however, concerns have been raised over “slamming” into the event (hosted, as mentioned above, by FoE) and potential messaging problems that might raise.

    The event has been carefully designed to be as “action” unfriendly as possible. Miliband is preaching Low Carbon Britain, and his fellow panelists have got their remits strictly limited: Lynas speaks on the science, Khalid on the poverty/humanitarian aspects of climate change, etc etc. AND NOTHING ELSE.

    Moreover Lynas, Leggett, Khalid and Tatchell speak for 5 minutes each, following which Miliband speaks for 20 minutes, the four previous ones make their rejoinders, and then the public gets to ask questions for a maximum of half an hour.

    Get your visuals ready. Neat little posters I think would do it. Meet tomorrow at the train station. Call 07989 873549.

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