Posted by: VM | 26 July 2009

Meet Miliband wherever he goes

It is imperative that Miliband is met at every event he attends with a barrage of encouragement: “SAVE VESTAS” should be ringing in his ears every night when he goes to bed. Until he gets some guts, shows some real leadership, and ensures the 600 green collars we’re fighting for remain employed in what Miliband himself calls ‘low carbon Britain’.

TOMORROW AT 3PM he’ll be in Oxford train station “teaching” the transport sector about carbon cuts (can’t wait) and at 7.30PM he’s sitting next to four radical greens (Lynas, Leggett, Tatchell and Khalid).

Where else will he be in the next few days and weeks to come? If you know Ed Miliband is visiting your town to give a “low carbon Britain” public meeting, or the like, please go, ask some tough questions, and get in touch asap so that Save Vestas can attend.

Meanwhile the emails continue to flood in to the savevestas inbox. They will take the workers hours and hours to read, when/if we finally get them connected internet again, but I reckon it will be worth it to them in terms of morale. Recently, a photograph of “Jez”, a dog, which we particularly like, came in with a sign reading, “Jez says: I don’t want to be a hot dog.” Check the Individual Solidarity page of this blog.

keeping the spirit light, in solidarity,



  1. it’s not mentioned here but Miliband is coming to Birmingham on Wednesday 29th July 5pm Austin Court Cambridge Street at the back of Centenary Square
    then there’s a meeting in the Council House at 7.30pm about the occupation.
    all called by the Campaign Against Climate Change i think, and it’s all supported by the Trades Council

    • Thanks, Steve, if you get any more details please let us know and we can advertise this properly. Vicki

      • well that’s it – Cambridge Street is B1 off Broad Street by the ICC (‘at the back of’) and everyone in Birmingham on the Left should know about it because Mary P has sent details out on a few lists + other comrades.

        what’s Bob Crow say we should do I don’t remember? leave it to him and his lawyers?
        is it true the workers there aren’t currently in a TU? gosh!
        ..anyway, it’s going on here later – shall i do a report?

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