Posted by: vickim57 | 24 July 2009

No such thing as bad publicity?

Vestas are trying to cash in on their sudden notoriety with a big advertisement feature on the Guardian Environment webpages: “Energy Matters: In Association with Vestas Wind Systems”.

Alongside a fairly balanced piece, “Vestas protest: What’s it all about?”, there are big banner adverts with Vestas twirling wind turbines. Take a look here.

The captions:
Release Britain’s wind energy
It could cover up to 35% of our electricity needs by 2020
It creates jobs right here at home
It’s good for business, and good for the environment
Join Vestas in releasing Britain’s wind energy
No.1 in Modern Energy

Breath-taking cynicism or what?!

Question: When did the Guardian and Vestas start cooking up this little collaboration?
Answer: Five days ago, at a guess. Lads, you stay in there as long as you like – you’re making Guardian Newspapers and Vestas a little pot of money. And, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters to these people.



  1. And if the government moves to change the planning procedures, those cynical adverts will help to ensure that wind energy becomes big in Britain, securing these guys’ jobs, the island economy and green energy as an industry. Even corporate cynicism can work for you, if you know how to use it.

  2. […] The Guardian’s editorial team have followed the Independent on Thursday by giving the Vestas dispute the focused attention it deserves, with a two-page spread on pages 6-7. (Thankfully this time their coverage is not accompanied by an advert for Vestas) […]

  3. Vestas are simply showing off their traditionally strong marketing department who’ve seen the Spectator magazine, the FT weather, and now this blows up!
    Actually the Guardian Media Group newspapers are independent media and non-profit and haven’t got the same sort of corporate structure that only cares about profit.
    However email and text-message are always ahead of radio and the daily newspapers on covering sudden developments; the only quicker way of getting news is to be talking face to face with one of the players.
    Thanks for standing strong!
    I attach a picture of Phil & Michael Meacher MP in London.

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