Posted by: vickim57 | 24 July 2009

March and rally today (Friday), Newport, IoW

There will be a march and rally in Newport, IoW today (24 July). Assemble from 5.30pm in St Thomas’s Square, to march to the occupied Vestas plant for a rally (about half an hour away). Come along, bring placards, bring friends and neighbours. Show your support!

Download leaflet: Here



  1. Comrades, Brothers and Sisters please stand together on this issue and keep the jobs and conditions you have worked so hard for, it is an unfair situation harking back to the days of mill bosses and serfs when people were treated as incidental to an owners good life.An occupation is a very stressful and difficult time for you all I support you 100%.
    LOVE and PEACE
    James Mc Auley, Glasgow Shippiong, RMT

  2. What union members and true socialists must realise is that Brown and Milliband are lawyers.

    Lawyers know nothing about creating wealth, only destroying wealth or cutting wealth up into digestible lumps that they can then digest!
    When will every socialist in this country realise that Brown and his legalistic cronies in Parliament are only interested in creating more law to create more lawbreakerts to put more money into lawyers pockets, their pockets!
    That’s why manufacturing has taken an absolute battering in these past thirty years of Blaircherism.
    Brown will never give aid to manufacturing for that would create wealth and lawyers don’t want wealthy citizens who are prepared to fight for their liberties. Brown want a cowed workforce where everybody goe in fear of their jobs and thuse remain servile and obedient for fear of redundancy. The more jobs brown and Milliband can destroy, the happier they and the Labour nomenclatura are!

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