Posted by: Alex | 23 July 2009

Stella D’Oro Strike in New York sends international solidarity

From the Stella D’Oro website,

“On August 13, 2008, over 135 members of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 50, employed at the historic Stella D’Oro plant in the Bronx, struck because of the unreasonable and unethical concessions demanded by the company at the bargaining table. Negotiators for Stella D’Oro, now owned by an out-of-state private equity firm, Brynwood Partners, among other things, want to (1) slash wages as much as 25%, hitting working women hardest, (2) make health insurance unaffordable by imposing crushing premiums, (3) eliminate holidays, vacation and sick pay, and (4) eliminate extra pay for working Saturdays and giving up family life.

Stella D’Oro management bargained in bad faith, refusing to even consider the union’s proposals and compromises. If Lance, Inc. is allowed to buy the Stella D’Oro brand, they will relocate production to one of their non-union facilities, leaving the workers in the Bronx stranded.

On the other hand, if workers are able to defeat their bid, they will be able to continue to search for a union-friendly buyer committed to maintaining production in the Bronx. Or maybe the workers will buy the plant themselves!”

From the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) International Union Local’s solidarity message to Vestas occupiers:

“Hello to all of our brothers and sisters at Vestas,

It is an honor for us to support you through your struggle for dignity and fairness in your workplace. We must all stand together in this struggle to regain our ability to maintain a decent standard of living for all people wherever they may be. Please stay strong and remain committed to show solidarity even in the most difficult of times.

In Solidarity,

Joyce Alston
President, BCTGM Local”



  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i heard today july 23th that Stella D’oro is going to close down within 90 days and that the union is going to fight against the closing.
    At the present time the gov. is trying to get rid of unions every where.The working class can’t allow that to happen.Without a union workers will have a huge problem.The working class and the gov.along with the employing class got nothing in common.The workers are considered commodities that the factory owners need.The workers should fight against this to the end and they needs the support of other unions to win this fight.

    Stan Squires

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