Posted by: vickim57 | 23 July 2009

New petition on 10 Downing Street

Please sign the new petition on the 10 Downing Street website – written before the occupation began, but including the demand that the government step in to keep Vestas open.

The aim is to get the petition among the top 5 that appear on the front page – a big ask as it would need to get into the 10s of 1000s! (The top petition at the moment simply says “resign”.) More than 600 people have signed the SaveVestas petition and it is currently positioned between “Order a review into the role of British police in relation to the Portuguese inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann” and “Ban the use of Neonicotinoid insecticides in crops grown within the United Kingdom”.



  1. Please.

    For once can we act rather than discuss… debate… avoid…

    Ed Miliband’s call for action on wind farm creation should be matched by deeds. We have a wind turbine factory – we should be looking to expand it not lose it!


    We have seen our government take extraordinary measures to sure up banks and a soon-to-be-obsolete car industry. But we can’t protect the future of part of a much-needed alternative energy sector… what’s that about?

    Please… Don’t be STUPID.

  2. stop this senseless loss of jobs

  3. Mr Brown, with all due respect, how can you possibly hope to meet the way-below-needed carbon reduction targets that you are currently hinting at for the UK by allowing this business to go under. BUY IT! Nationalise it, and make some renewable energy, save the planet and make the tax payer some money rather than investing in another bank!
    Thank you in anticipation of a positive action.

  4. Wake up, government. If we’re supposed to be greening-up our energy supplies, then why are Vestas Blades not being baled out like the banking sector?

    Please – not more STUPIDITY.

  5. Get off the fence, you are the Government. Get this sorted out help the workers with a management buy out and orders. Miliband do your job. Stop and or claw back any grants made to Vestas

  6. Many in the USA are appalled by this latest foolishness from the UK. I can say with some certainty that there will be a boycott of UK goods in the USA if you continue to be sooooo stupid.

    The people of the sun

  7. You can buy banks so why cant you do the same with Vestas.

    The only real green company and your going to let it go?

    Show everyone our country is green motivated and the island will really be self reliant on the green energy in years to come

    Whats next, all the energy companies and telecom companies shutting down after making millions and moving to a more profitable country?

    What a great country we live in

  8. Importing blades from abroad for construction in wind farms and and around the UK seems ludicrous when there is a perfctly good option in the South of England! A lower carbon footprint to start with and isn’t that the reason why the Government announced the expansion last week?! Pure folly!

  9. I find this so disappointing. The Government has appeared to recognise that investment in the ‘green’ sector offers an excellent way of helping this country through the recession and getting us on our way to meeting the currently totally unachievable targets we have on climate change. If they can step in and spend millions of pounds supporting car manufacturers allowing them to carry on building thousands of cars that we don’t need that now sit in massive storage facilities, why can they not do the same when this has the added benfits of helping meet their own targets on reducing carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy capacity? Just seems a bit daft really.

  10. Also sign the top petition:

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