Posted by: vickim57 | 23 July 2009

Miliband speaks on Vestas – responses needed fast!

Read this now and get your responses in! Fast. To, and to us! And you can leave your comments on the Guardian website if you log in.

Ed Miliband has just done a reply to an article by Seamus Milne that called for the government to save Vestas. Miliband’s response is minutes old and he’ll know about it if we respond straightaway. They are feeling the pressure.



  1. To close Vestas at this point, when our Government is (at least seemingly) keen to promote wind power does seem extraordinary, and calls into doubt the sincerity of the Government’s pronouncements. With unemployment looming ever worse, why increase the number of jobless people, those very people shose skills are now most needed.

  2. Stop the job loss. If you can help banks and big
    business why not workers loosiung their jobs because pf capitalist greed and profit.
    I have been a Labour Party supporter for many years but New Labour is a party of privatisation,
    greed, wars and big business.

    Now I support the Socialist Party and hope we replace you at the next election for good/
    I hope the Trade Unions who fund your party now
    will withdraw their funding etc

  3. Wait a minute! I thought the Isle of Wight was supposed to be a carbon neutral island.

    How can you stand by and allow this to happen?

    I know that it is not that simple and you could spend a large part of your climate control budget saving the factory but this is an issue which has captured the public imagination both here and abroad. What else can we do to help you persuade the rest of the cabinet?

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