Posted by: VM | 23 July 2009

Ed Miliband Replies – Weakly

Ed Miliband has written a response to arguments in favour of nationalisation of the Vestas plant here.

A comment on the Guardian website gives a very appropriate reply:

“Dear ed .You rightly identify there is need for a strategy with Vestas.
Am I missing something, but isn’t that something you are supposed to do ?”



  1. I can’t believe a Labour politician is suggesting something should be left to the market. What an utter failure. This is why I’ve lost faith in party politics – a supposedly ‘left’ politician toeing the party line rather than standing up for what they believe in.

    Solidarity my brothers and sisters, keep up the fight! I’m there in spirit.

  2. Letter in yesterday’s Guardian

    We are writing in solidarity with the Vestas wind turbine workers who have occupied their factory in Newport, on the Isle of Wight, to prevent 600 job losses (Wind turbine factory sit-in workers accuse Ed Miliband of green failure, 22 July).

    Like the Visteon occupations, the walkouts in engineering construction and the strikes on the London underground, this is an inspiring example of workers taking action to defend themselves against the bosses’ attempts to make the working class pay for their economic crisis. It is also a crucial struggle in relation to the fight against climate change, for democratic social control which meets the needs of people and planet, not the “needs” of profit and the market.

    The government says it wants to create 400,000 green jobs. It should begin by saving these 600, and by taking the factory into public ownership as the workers are demanding.

    The Vestas workers are showing how to fight back. The labour and climate-change movements must mobilise the maximum possible solidarity with their struggle. Please send messages to, and if you can, travel to the Isle of Wight to offer your support.

    Ed Maltby Workers’ Climate Action, John McDonnell MP, Bob Crow General secretary, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), Daniel Randall National Union of Students trustee board, Pat Rolfe Camp for Climate Action Vestas solidarity working group

  3. I remember the wind factory leaving Totton, many peaple out of work. It was supposed to be a good move.Now see what has happend, Big company buy out, and then big company sell out.
    Well done you workers, I hope You win
    R M T member Coach Driver Bob Gentle. Totton

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